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FAQ - Using the DFO Web Store
- What is the difference between the CERA Shop and the DFO Web Store?
- Can I get a refund for an item that was purchased by mistake?
- How long can I store items in my Cart?
- What are Exclusive Platinum/Diamond Promotional Events?
- I have Platinum Privilege and have met all the requirements for Diamond privilege. However, my Privilege has not been promoted. What should I do?
FAQ - Inbox and Item Sending
- I accidentally sent an untradable item to the wrong character. What should I do?
- An item has failed to be sent from my Inbox. What should I do?
- How long can I store items in my Inbox?
- An item that was in my Inbox has disappeared. What should I do?
- I forgot to receive an item I had sent to my Mailbox. What should I do if the mail has disappeared?
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